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Sangrita Viuda de Sánchez 1Lt

Sangrita Viuda de Sánchez 1Lt

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Brand: Casa Cuervo

Country of Origin:  Mexico

Net Weight:  1Lt

Units per box: 12


Sangrita Viuda de Sánchez although it looks like a Bloody Mary Mix, it is much different in taste and ingredients. There are no tomatoes in sangrita; the red color comes from chili de arbol. It refreshes and cleanses the palate after each sip and enhances the taste of your favorite Tequila.

Sangrita is made with orange juice, de Arbol chilies and spices and it is best served cold. Essential part of the traditional drink 'banderita' (little flag), where you get a shot glass of lime juice, a shot glass of tequila and a shot glass of sangrita, mirroring the colours of the Mexican flag. 

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