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Pigui Slaps Tamarind Blue Lollipops, Mexican Candy

Pigui Slaps Tamarind Blue Lollipops, Mexican Candy

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Brand: Pigui

Country of Origin:  Mexico

Net Weight:  95g

Units per box: 10

Slaps Pigui Tamarind Blue are thin tropical flavour lollipops are foldable and fun to eat.

These fun candies are a traditional Mexican lollipop with a twist.

Slaps Pigui Tamarind Blue flavour lollipops present a resemblance to fruit roll-ups in structure. Within this confection, a sugary coating envelops each lollipop, necessitating a deliberate peeling action from its cover. Subsequently, one is afforded the liberty to meticulously fold and manipulate the lollipop to suit individual preference, akin to a tailor fashioning a bespoke garment.

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