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Mexico City Corn Chips Chilli Lime 300g

Mexico City Corn Chips Chilli Lime 300g

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Brand:  Mexico City

Country of Origin: Australia

Net Weight:  300g

Units per box: 12

Mexico City Corn Chips Chilli Lime are an authentic Mexican-Inspired Chilli Lime Corn Tortilla Chips deliver a golden crunch and a scrumptiously subtle, savory flavour. Our crispy corn strips are inspired by authentic Mexican flavors that will transport your taste buds straight back to Mexico.

Lightly Salted Corn Chips are perfect when paired with an assortment of your favorited fresh toppings and they’re just as good straight out of the pack too!

This corn chips are deliciously hearty dippers that don’t break under pressure.

Mexico City Foods is proudly the first, and still the best, supplier of authentic nixtamal tortillas and totopos in Australia.

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