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Latin Deli Tender Cactus 850gr

Latin Deli Tender Cactus 850gr

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Brand:  Latin Deli Tender Cactus

Country of Origin:  Mexico

Net Weight:  850g

Units per box: 12



Latin Deli Tender Cactus

When we first think of cactus, it reminds us of thorny green leaves and deserts. It makes you wonder, what does cactus taste like. Well, for those wondering, you have come to the right place.

The cactus is cooked and eaten as a vegetable and is very popular in Mexico, the Middle East, parts of America, Europe, North Africa, Australia, and even India.

The edible part of the cactus which is the fleshy part of the leaves are called paddles or cactus pads.

This Latin Deli tender cactus can be eaten in various ways such as in raw form, or sautéed and added in scrambled eggs, even tacos or as a side dish with onions, etc.

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