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Latin Deli Pasta Noodles Of Hearts Of Palm 255g

Latin Deli Pasta Noodles Of Hearts Of Palm 255g

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Brand:  Latin Deli

Country of Origin:  Ecuador

Net Weight:  255g

Units per box: 6

Pasta Noodles Of Hearts Of Palm is light, healthy, a bit of mild flavour with a slight crunch, easy to use, it is ready in 2 minutes. Its gluten free, keto, vegan and paleo.

It is 93% fewer calories than traditional spaghetti.

Pasta Noodles made from heart of palm are a popular low-carb and gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat-based noodles. They are often used as a substitute for pasta in various dishes.

Heart of palm noodles have a mild, slightly crunchy texture and can be used in various dishes like stir-fries, salads, or served with your favorite pasta sauce. They are a nutritious and tasty alternative for those looking to reduce their carb intake or avoid gluten.

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