Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop for any kind of Latin Deli products online

Yes, you can buy all our products online. Just click on the Catalogue section and select the Product Category you want.

Can I buy products per unit or only by box? 

You can purchase our products by units and by boxes

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It takes between 2-3 business days in Metropolitan Sydney areas, and 4-10 business days for interstate orders

Do I have to pay freight for my order to be delivered?

Yes, for deliveries in the Metropolitan Sydney areas you will be charged AUD $10 . For interstate deliveries, you will be charged AUD $25

How can I pay for me order? 

You can make a payment through PayPal or you can make a direct payment to our bank account 

Do you send deliver orders across all Australia territories?

Yes, but we only deliver dried goods. We do not deliver frozen products interstate. 

Do you have a physical shop that can be shopped at?

No, we don’t have a physical store but you can contact us via email and we will suggest a stockist close to your area or visiting our warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne

Do you have a refund policy in case there are any problems with the products?

Every case is different, but if you have an issue with our products, please contact us via email and include a description of the problem so we can sort it out